How many times have you got stuck into the project and then gone off on a tangent with your amazing ideas, forgetting about what the customer really wants?

Read on to find out what we did for one client whose customers were frustrated by not being understood.

Customer Identification and Focus

You start a project, you identify the customer, you build a profile of their needs, divide the workload and off you go… You have a review, it’s amazing, it’s creative, you love it – but does it really appeal to your customer?

“80% of companies surveyed said they offer superior customer service, but only 8% of their customers agreed with them!” Harvard Management Update.

Ensuring your products and the method of delivery actually appeal to your customer is key in building ongoing relationships.

Client Case Study:

A retail client was introducing technical teams into their store’s electronic departments. The tech team knew their products inside out but they struggled to adapt their sales conversations to suit each type of customer, leaving customers feeling frustrated and misunderstood.

We ran a team building session using Ice Cream Innovation to get them thinking about the customer throughout a product development process: who the customer is, their needs, a product that will appeal and how to best sell it to them.

The teams held a trade fare where they had to engage with the the judges and other teams to entice them to their stand – just as they would in a retail situation.

“We really had to be clear about who our customer was and remember to think from their view throughout the challenge which was hard at times! It was great fun and got us thinking about our actual customers.”
Retail client