How was your Christmas Party?

The last few weeks before Christmas are often a rush which can mean finding time for a Christmas Party becomes very difficult.

As we start the New Year with a list of resolutions and optimism for the year ahead, it’s a perfect time to motivate and bond the workforce, and a great alternative to a Christmas event.

With a range of creative challenges, Sunflower has a background in team building events and is passionate about helping your team get the most from each other.

Some of our most popular and creative events are our product development challenges.   For example Ice Cream Innovation calls on teams to create a new ice cream and pitch it to our judges.  Tasks include designing the packaging, preparing the marketing strategy, scripting the TV advert and of course making (and tasting) the ice cream!

This product development concept is really successful and importantly, adaptable to different industries for example we have recently carried out a similar challenge with teams developing a new airline concept.

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