One of our regular fabulous clients, MovableInk, has been running virtual team building events through lockdown, and wanted to try something a bit different to boost morale, welcome some new team members and get people chatting.

Working with our comedy partner Nice ‘n’ Spiky, we arranged for two comedians to do a 15minute set each at their ‘Laugh your way out of lockdown’ team event; Esther Manito and Lloyd Griffith turned out to be a perfect choice, entertaining the team with a blend of interaction, observation and stand-up, picking on some of the team and of course jokes on lockdown and zoom were a plenty.

We managed the deliveries of snack packs with a choice of drinks that were sent out to all team members in advance; the treats from our snack pack partner went down really well and created lots of chat – who knew healthy seeds could create so much banter on the chat channel?!

We also built the running order for the event, co-ordinated rehearsals and then on the night, we shared a designed holding slide with music, handled admittance, queries and breakouts for networking.

The smiling faces on this screenshot are all the testimonial needed!

Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals, which promotes an overall sense of well-being – so comedy is a great addition to any event. If you want to add some smiles to your event, get in touch.

Case study: Virtual comedy night