With the festive season upon us I was recently asked to provide some top tips for a party planning magazine so here they are:

Details are important but make sure you prioritise the right ones – when you’re planning your party go wild with creative ideas, but when it comes to finalising details think from your guests perspective – will they actually notice that the shape of the ice cubes match the shape of the invitations?

Be clever with presentation – one client describes their team as ‘people that you will want to have a cup of tea with’ so at the press launch for their new website we will be serving the champers in vintage tea cups and the canapés on tiered cake stands!

Do not overfill the time – every minute of time does not have to be filled with activity. There is nothing worse than going to a party or event and not having a minute spare to mingle with fellow guests and enjoy the atmosphere. Save some of your great ideas for next time!

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