While we love the satisfaction of end-to-end event management, from initial discussions on a client’s brief to seeing an event come together in-person or online, sometimes it can be just as enjoyable – and fun – to jump into an ongoing job to help out a client in a fix.

We’ve done this a couple over times over the past few years…

In autumn 2021, we had a call from a regular client asking for our help with running an event at Coombe Abbey that was happening within the month. We’d found the venue for them but then the internal person responsible for organising the company conference was unexpectedly out of action for the foreseeable future. With only five weeks to go they needed help.

Hannah picked up the reins for the event on their behalf, liaising with multiple suppliers, arranging entertainment, confirming AV, finalising menus and rooming lists and creating one of Sunflower’s full event schedules for all parties to work from.

The client’s team was fully back in action in time to attend and enjoy the event and a detailed Sunflower handover ensured a seamless experience for all parties.

We received this message after the event:

“Thank you so much for jumping in last minute and helping us with our November conference planning. Your support and knowledge was much appreciated and the event was a great success! It was great to have you involved as part of our planning team, and I am sure that we will be back to ask for help with our events for 2022!”

Another last-minute request came from a client in December 2022; again, we’d initially just found the venue for their Christmas party, but work pressure and other events meant that they’d had precious little time to think about the event beyond organising a DJ and selfie station. They asked us to step in to help with decorations, giving us a budget and brief.

Nicola got to work sourcing glittery tablecloths, fairy lights, giant DISCO lights and even disco-ball balloons to suit the theme. One of her trademark spreadsheets gave the client the option to pick and choose elements to fit the occasion and budget – we actually came in under budget which the client was thrilled about.

There was a brief drama when the contracted balloon supplier pulled out just two days before the event… but Sunflower’s meticulous methods paid off! We always contact three suppliers for quotes, to ensure we are finding the best value for our clients, but also to help us on occasions like these. A few phone calls later and we were on track again with a new supplier.

One of our trusty freelance team went to the venue on the day to supervise deliveries and set up the room, taking the stress out of the event for our client, just like our strapline says!

This client sent the following message of thanks:

“A HUGE thank you to the team for another super successful event together! The feedback was hugely positive and the room looked amazing 😍 Thank you so much for always taking my crazy specific ideas and turning them into beautiful reality, and for coming in under budget – you are superstars! It was lovely knowing that everything at the event would be well taken care of.

Thank you again for being such professionals and being such fun to work with.”