Case study: Virtual comedy night

One of our regular fabulous clients, MovableInk, has been running virtual team building events through lockdown, and wanted to try something a bit different to boost morale, welcome some new team members and get people chatting. Working with our comedy partner Nice ‘n’ Spiky, we arranged for two comedians to do a 15minute set [...]

Case study: Pirouetting from in-person to virtual

Sunflower Corporation’s world of events before 2020 was filled with early mornings and late nights, venue finding, speaker liaison, arranging conference AV and entertainment, sorting catering contracts, booking travel and organising after parties. In the early months of this year, we managed events in five countries and all across the UK. These days, we still [...]

Case study: Steam Punk Edwardian Ball surrounded by dinosaurs!

The events industry is brilliantly collaborative. We work with a great team of freelancers to boost our core team on our live events, and sometimes we work with other events agencies to support them. This was the case when our friend and colleague Lucy Hall (no relation to Hannah!) contacted us early in 2019. [...]

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